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Ultra Clean Program – 5 Day Cleanse

The Ultra Clean Program is very similar the Clean program but keeps you on for 2 days longer, prolonging the cleansing process and doubling the benefits. This program is geared more towards those that have done a juice cleanse before or know they have the willpower to abstain from solid foods and cravings for longer periods of time.

At the start of the Ultra Clean program, you will be provided with 5 days worth of 16 oz.,cold-pressed juices the morning you begin, that should be consumed evenly throughout the day (about 2-3 hour intervals). Each are numbered, so you start with #1 upon waking and finish the day with #6, about two hours before bedtime.

In your bag, you will receive an instruction manual and snack list.  During the program, you will receive nutritional support and upon finishing the cleanse, you will receive a post-cleanse meal plan and smoothie recipe so you know exactly how to move forward in a healthful way.  We want this to be a wonderful, enlightening experience for you and we are so happy you chose us to help you on your wellness path!

Juices included are:







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