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Sip and Dine

The “Sip & Dine” program is designed for those who may be a bit apprehensive about giving up food for a few days or those who aren’t completely ready to take the full-on juicing plunge. Whether you choose the 3-day or 5-day program, you will receive 5 juices per day and a customized meal plan for dinner to accommodate dining in or out of the home. Simply put, you get to juice all day and eat a very clean, minimal dinner, which facilitates the detoxification process and will provide you the extra energy to add exercise into your cleansing program.  You will also receive an instruction manual, snack list, nutritional support during the cleanse and a post-cleanse meal plan and smoothie recipe upon finishing. **Please will not receive juice #5 – Purify – as this is where you will have dinner.  #6 – Detox – will be consumed after dinner. Juices included in the 3 Day Sip & Dine are: 6-Energy, 3-Immunity, 3-Refresh, and 3-Detox Juices included in the 5 Day Sip & Dine are: 10-Energy, 5-Immunity, 5-Refresh, and 5-Detox

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