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Juice cleansing is an amazing experience but the thought of eliminating food from your life for 3 or 5 days can seem like a very overwhelming and scary prospect.  But have no fear!  Vibrant Earth Juices is here for you every step of the way to make this an exciting journey to a healthy, new you!


It is very important to “prep” your body before you dive into drinking juices all day and cutting the calories that you have been used to consuming on a daily basis.  Allowing your body a short time to adjust to the elimination of your favorite indulgences, will guarantee your success with the program.  Please follow the below guidelines….


  • Eliminate! Begin to eliminate animal products, processed foods, dairy, sugar, excess fatty foods, caffeine, nicotine, soda, and alcohol.  You don’t need to limit these items completely just yet but be conscientious of what you crave and why you crave a certain food.  Eating lots of salads, soups, veggies, fruit, beans, whole grains, and vegetarian protein products will ease this transition.
  • Hydration! Increase your hydration by consuming lots of filtered water with lemon, which helps the detoxification process by gently expelling toxins.  Try to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day.  You may also include your favorite herbal teas.
  • Exercise! Get that heart rate going and start sweating.  During the cleanse, you are going to want to preserve your energy, so take advantage of sweating and burning calories before you start.  Running, Bikram yoga, Kickboxing, Spinning, or Resistance training are good options.


  • Go Vegan! By this point, you should be consuming a vegan diet (no animal products) but if necessary, you can add steamed fish or shrimp as a healthy protein choice for lunch or dinner.  Eat an abundance of green salads with veggies, fruit smoothies, nuts, seeds, whole grains or beans to feel satisfied.
  • Be Mindful! Remember to listen to your body.  If you are feeling hungry or light-headed, and you are dying for a cookie, have one.  But only have ONE!  Try to work on your willpower at this point.Ask for Help! Don’t feel embarrassed to contact us for help.  That is what we are here for.  If you are confused on what to eat or what you should eliminate, please email us at


And here you are!  You have worked up to the cleanse and now you are giving your body all the love it needs through pure, raw, liquid nutrition.  But no one said this was easy!  Be strong and believe that you can do it.  These are some tips to make the process more efficient, smoother and you can always call or email us with questions.

  • Rest!  Make sure that you get ample rest during the cleanse.  You may feel more tired than normal which is natural.  It could be the lack of calories or the caffeine withdrawal but listen to your body.  Go to bed early, which will speed up the rejuvenation process.
  • More Hydration!  Even though the juices contain an abundance of water, continue drinking filtered water with lemon to help increase toxic elimination.
  • Gentle Movements! High intensity exercise may be too much for you but it is important to still move.  Light yoga, easy walking, Pilates, and meditation are great exercises to do during the cleanse.
  • Pamper Yourself!  Reflexology, massages, sauna and steam room sessions, and dry brushing are fabulous ways to increase the removal of toxins from your body.  These practices stimulate the lymphatic system, which breaks down the toxins stored in your fat cells and organs.  Use this short time in your life to give your body all that it needs to thrive!
  • Embrace your feelings!  Again, no one said this was easy.  You are essentially taking away something you have done your entire life, which is EATING!  When you start to feel hungry and crave you favorite food or drink, try to understand why you want it.  Is it because you can’t have it or that you love it?  Maybe it’s just habit.  But please know… the cleanse is designed to help break those habits.  The food you love will still be there when you finish.  You will still be able to have caffeine or pizza or the dessert you love when you are done cleansing.  Fight the temptation to give in to your thoughts and wants.  Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the process!

Congratulations!  You did it!  This is the time to be really mindful of what you put in your body.  Don’t rush out to the steak house and stuff your face with everything you were craving during the cleanse.  Your body will have a negative reaction and could result in becoming ill or having serious stomach issues.  Ease back into food and then reinstate your favorite indulgences.

  • Go Slow!  The first few days following the cleanse, try to stick to salads, steamed veggies, fruit smoothies, whole grains and beans.  This diet will be similar to the one you started the cleanse with and will help adjust your body to eating whole foods again.  After about 2 days, you can slowly start to introduce animal protein into the mix in the form of low-fat dairy, eggs, and lean protein.
  • More H2O!  Keep drinking the lemon-water combo and ease into caffeine, alcohol, soda, tea, and anything else you love.  You just took all the time to eliminate the toxins so try not to add them back right away.
  • Change it up!  Now is the time to forever change your diet and start eating healthy, clean, pure foods.  Prevent yourself from reverting back to the same unhealthy foods you have been used to eating your whole life.  Start anew!  This is also a good time to have a Nutrition consultation so you can make sure you are on the right track.
  • Perfect Portions!  Watch your portion sizes.  You were consuming very little for the past few days so its important to eat small, well-balanced meals.  Use the smallest bowl or plate in the house for your meals.

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